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Today’s post is just an easy-breezy one. I came across a nice discussion posting on that really got me thinking. I wanted to share it with you because it’s an interesting question that could really allow you to internally reflect.

The posting asks you to think about what advice you’d give to a younger you. There were some really great, insightful, and funny answers to this. I welcome you to think about this question and if you’re feeling adventurous, submit it on the link found at the bottom of this post. My answers are as follows:

  • Don’t focus so hard on achieving certain things (life goals, career goals, etc.) because you may blind yourself from things that are a better fit for you. Keep your eyes and mind open.
  • Don’t get down about the things that don’t work out:  you’ll be surprised at what opportunities come about once you stop being depressed about your best laid-plans that failed.
  • Stay humble- the only thing you can count on in life is that everything is bound to change at one point or another.
  • If all the doors of opportunity are closed, break through a wall and create your own passage to opportunities.
  • Disconnect yourself from anyone or anything that brings you down.
  • It is not your job to fix other people’s bad habits. Don’t get sucked down a dark road trying to do that. They’re perfectly capable of figuring out their own life.
  • Don’t let negative words get to your head. You know you better than they know you. If they can’t see all the great things you are, then find people that do.
  • Find a company that matches your personal values.
  • Find a company that has a company culture you will enjoy working in.
  • Trust your gut, it typically knows what is right or wrong before your heart and head confuses you.
  • Take chances when you’re young- this is the time you can afford to fail or mess up.
  • Don’t let anything or anyone take away your optimism no matter how ridiculous or naive it seems… at least you’re happy.
  • Don’t be scared to believe in something and make things happen, even if you’re going in it alone.
  • Don’t let the hardships of life make you forget your dreams and passions.
  • Don’t lie to yourself. Stay true and figure out a plan of action based on that.
  • Remember that it is a huge world out there and you can find the things that you hope for. And if you don’t, you have the capabilities to create it.

This post isn’t meant to make you think about the things you wish you could change in your past. It’s meant to let you recall these important life lessons you’ve learned along the way and apply it to your present so you can pave the way for a better future in your life and career. Happy Thinking!