After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry, working in HR operations and talent acquisition. 

A passionate writer, Ashley made a career switch in 2015 to recruitment marketing, building employer branding roles from the ground up at high-tech companies in the Boston-area.

Ashley is an employer branding consultant and co-founder of Harlow Creative Co. Learn more about our services here.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Sergio- It looks good. You gave readers a clear picture of who you are, what your values/culture are, who you’re looking for, what your expectations are, and so on. You give enough information to paint a clear picture and broke it up in easy to read sections.

      one issue I noticed is editing: in the BBLO section you have “tey” instead of they. I think that’s all I caught though.

      Thanks for reaching out! I’ll put your link on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Feel free to connect with me on either of them. My info will be in the “About” section.

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