Self Branding?

So I’ve been hearing all this business about “self branding” lately but I never considered it seriously until recently. I always figured I’d brand myself as being the “model employee” that the company is searching for, but as I see how that tactic fails to work (either I don’t get the job or I hate the job because it’s not me), I’ve started to consider my own brand. So, let me be a little rebellious and brand myself for the sole purpose of letting you all know who I am rather than showing you a version I’ve created in hopes that I can be what you want. After all, I want you to like me for me… it is way less exhausting to be myself than trying to be the “stepford wife” of the business world.

I like to consider myself an informational enthusiast in the sense that I like to learn about anything and everything. I hear about something, I research it to the max. I talk to all sorts of people just to learn about their experiences, their upbringing, and the way they live their lives. My travels are not just for vacationing, but mostly for exploring and discovery. I’ll fill my mind up with an overload of information and then… I’ll fill it up some more! I figure it allows me to be well-rounded and always helps me to converse with all sorts of people.

This made me be a bit of a “dabbler”. I want to try all sorts of new things to gain this information and figure out what I like and what I’m not particularly good at. This also makes me adaptable. After all, I need to adapt to an array of situations in order to get the full experience of it. My adaptability allows me to have a full-spectrum personality. Some say it might seem a bit skitzo to have that much to my personality but I like to consider it a fun, customizable feature of myself!

I have a passion for writing. It’s just something I enjoy doing and once I finish one writing I’m contemplating what I can write about next. I guess I love it because it can let me use my imagination or say the things I keep inside. My writing can be candid and fun, deep and thoughtful, informative…. And then there are moments where I don’t know what the hell I’m writing about- it’s just a bunch of thoughts on paper that don’t necessarily make sense together. But, whatever, at least I got those little thoughts out and that’s all that matters.

I believe in celebrating the individual. If any company figures out how to do that while still getting everyone to work together collectively then they are probably going to dominate the world. Everyone brings a unique and important quality to work and life. It should be encouraged! I would love to work with a bunch of diverse people that let their uniqueness radiate off them. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with them or share their insights, I think it can make life interesting and help open the mind to new concepts.

I don’t know where I’m going in life at this point in regard to career or work and, therefore, I cannot fully brand myself in that manner. Like I always say, there’s a huge world out there and many concepts and things I have yet to discover. Perhaps I’ll have to turn over every rock before I can make that decision, or maybe I’ll find something that engages me along the way… or maybe I’ll always be evolving. Who knows? The important thing is that I know the above qualities about myself and I’ll embrace it. I think that’s a pretty good starting point for now.

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